About Akbari Mandi

Dislocated Akbari Gate

Akbari Mandi was established by Mughal Emperor Jalal ud Din Muhammad Akbar as a grain market at the city’s easternmost edge – a grain market which still exists in present day.

It is one of biggest spice markets in Asia situated inside the (vanished) Akbari Gate, the market is termed as the biggest retail and wholesale market of the province, in which food grains of all kinds are available.

Akbari Mandi usually opens at 10am now days and closes late at night. The market has almost 800 shops selling over 1100 items, out of which over 1000 items are of “Pansaar” and about 100 items that of grains. Traders of the market claimed that its turn over was about Rs 500 million per day.

The market was named after the Mughal Emperor Jalal ud Din Muhammad Akbar who was third in line of Mughal Empire. He managed to built thirteen entrances to the city and established this market near the Delhi Gate, which gradually extended to the Akbari Gate of the Walled City of Lahore.